market-farming "Farmer Conferences" -- Left Out Again

Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Fri Nov 17 08:22:39 EST 2000

I just received notice of the 2001 New York State Farmers Direct Marketing 
Conference in Owego, "Growing Your Profits".

Once again, it's information I would love to have.  Looks like a great 

And once again, it's being held on a Monday through a Wednesday (February 
5-7), so I can't attend without losing several days of pay.

I'll probably take the financial hit and attend -- at least it's enough 
advance notice that I might be able to put in a Saturday or two to lessen 
the impact (I thank Jim Grace at CCE for the early notification that makes 
this an option, and my progressive employers who are usually willing to at 
least discuss flexible schedules as long as the work gets done).

But I still don't see why at least a few of these conferences can't be 
scheduled on weekends.  Aren't the organizers aware that many thousands of 
farmers are still in business only because they support their efforts with 

off-farm jobs?


Dori Green
Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living
Corning, NY

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