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For those who are interested in the Virginia Extension agent who lost his
job after responding to a Dennis Avery column in his local newspaper: I
passed on to him several posts from people wanting to know whether they
should write letters on his behalf. Here is his response.
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From: dbishop <dbishop at mciworld.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 21:55:09 -0500
To: Lynn Byczynski <growing4market at earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: VA extension agent

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for keeping this issue alive through the newsletter and the list
serve.  Please let everyone know that they are welcome to freely  pass
information along to anyone who is interested.  I got an email from Dan
Sullivan at Organic Gardening Magazine yesterday.  They will be writing
about my case in the March issue of Organic Gardening Magazine and they
would like to provide an address for people who wish to send letters of
complaint.  I am trying to decide where the letters would have the most
impact.  Jill's suggestion of sending them to the Dean of Agriculture at
Virginia Tech is one idea.  Another place would be the USDA.  I am going to
talk with the ACLU and see what they suggest.

I do not think that any letter will do any harm, however I hate to see them
wasted.  For example, I think it is a waste time to send any more letters to
Dave Barrett at Virginia Tech.  I firmly believe that the decision to
dismiss me went higher than Dave Barrett and probably went to the Dean of
Agriculture.  So letters to the dean might also be ineffective.   The
letters need to go to someone who can put pressure on the dean, whoever that
might be.  I suppose that might be the president of the university or
someone in the federal government.

Best Wishes,


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> Hi Dennis,
> The person below from the University of Kentucky posted a message on the
> market farmers list serve asking if there was any way for organic farmers
> be a support to you; I've deleted her original message, but now am
> forwarding her name and address below in case you want to get in contact
> with her yourself or have any thoughts/updates you would like me to post
> the list. I'm also aware that I haven't sent you a copy of the issue with
> the article about your case; I'll do that today.
> Please keep me posted.
> --
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> Subject: VA extension agent
> Hi Lynn,
> Well, good.  Yes, forward my message to him and if he is able to reply,
> us all know what would be most useful to him.  For example, I'm a VA Tech
> alumna, and proud of it; would a letter to the Dean of the College of Ag
> expressing my distress at this problem be helpful or harmful?  Obviously
> one on this list wants to make matters worse but is there anything we can
> do to make them better?
> Thanks.
> Victoria
> At 10:31 AM 11/15/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >I reported on Dennis Bishop, the Virginia Extension agent who lost his
> >in the December issue of Growing for Market. The day after I went to
> >he called to say the ACLU had accepted his case and would represent him
> >court. Would you like me to forward your email below to him?
> >--
> >Lynn Byczynski
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