Fw: UPDATE! Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Thu Nov 16 08:09:52 EST 2000

Ha!  I just reread this post on the way to deleting it.  I meant first
amendment rights.  (You all probably already knew that!)

From: Jill Taylor Bussiere <jdt at itol.com>

> Lynn,
>     Please pass on any information that Dennis ok's - I think this is
> something that all our extension agents nationwide should know - I would
> pass the information on to the UWEX system.....  Our second amendment
> are being assaulted on every front.
>                     Jill
> From: Lynn Byczynski <growing4market at earthlink.net>
> > I reported on Dennis Bishop, the Virginia Extension agent who lost his
> job,
> > in the December issue of Growing for Market. The day after I went to
> > he called to say the ACLU had accepted his case and would represent him
> > court. Would you like me to forward your email below to him?
> > --
> > Lynn Byczynski

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