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Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Wed Nov 15 13:20:02 EST 2000

Hi Dori,

I was so impressed with your comment about democracy and Dennis 
Avery.  Personally, all I could think of was that I would like to shove his 
pesticides and plastic down his throat and see how he likes that.  But, I 
am menopausal and cranky and have zero tolerance for people who don't agree 
with me.  And I don't think it's going to get any better, 
unfortunately.  Thank God for people like you who can keep their wits about 
them and try to solve the problems instead of flying off the 
handle.  People like me probably should keep our mouths closed, eh?

I am working on my Strawberry Lane Farm brochure to solicit customers to 
deliver produce to next year.  I am down to making the form where they sign 
up and where it tells how much it costs.  I was looking at your website to 
see how you did that, but I couldn't find anything like that.  I received a 
few brochures last year from CSA's but I can't find them - I put them where 
they wouldn't get lost.  I even bought that book that tells about CSA's but 
you guessed it, can't find it either.  The brochures are probably tucked in 
the pages of the book.  Yet another bane of time marching on.  I wonder 
what CSA's are charging for shares for 2001.  Does anyone have any comments 
for me?  Meanwhile I will be scouring the websites.

Marie in Missouri

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