market-farming Clarification

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Wed Nov 15 12:09:52 EST 2000

Great reply Dori. I don't think this is an issue of intelligence or rights.
It has to do more with beliefs and priorities. As such, it's a very public
issue and in the end, as a democracy, both in the political sphere and the
market, we will have to resolve differences in the court of public opinion.
That's why I believe we need to at least hear and understand, as much as
possible, all sides of these issues. Otherwise, we may not be able to
address them well and we won't convince anyone.

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>1.  I do know that many Extension agents put in many extra hours, paid and
>unpaid, and did not mean to imply that they don't -- just that comp time
>might be offered to them so that conferences such as this can be scheduled
>on weekends.
>2.  I also never meant to imply that farmers who work only on the farm are
>not working farmers!  Should have referred to this "new majority" as
>"off-the-farm-working" farmers.
>3.  Democracy is not always easy.  If I really believe in it, though, I
>guess I have to be willing to die even for Dennis Avery to express his
>opinion.  What a concept, gnarf!  I really would like to listen to a
>dialogue between him and people who are at least equally credentialled and
>respected, and it could be a wonderfully challenging prospect to seek and
>find common ground even with someone with whom I can't see any common
>within sight right now.  Now, wouldn't that be something -- if everybody
>discovered their common ground.  I can't help but think the planet would
>benefit in huge ways if that happened.
>Dori Green
>Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living
>Corning, NY
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