market-farming Clarification

Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Wed Nov 15 11:39:25 EST 2000

1.  I do know that many Extension agents put in many extra hours, paid and 
unpaid, and did not mean to imply that they don't -- just that comp time 
might be offered to them so that conferences such as this can be scheduled 
on weekends.

2.  I also never meant to imply that farmers who work only on the farm are 
not working farmers!  Should have referred to this "new majority" as 
"off-the-farm-working" farmers.

3.  Democracy is not always easy.  If I really believe in it, though, I 
guess I have to be willing to die even for Dennis Avery to express his 
opinion.  What a concept, gnarf!  I really would like to listen to a 
dialogue between him and people who are at least equally credentialled and 
respected, and it could be a wonderfully challenging prospect to seek and 
find common ground even with someone with whom I can't see any common ground 
within sight right now.  Now, wouldn't that be something -- if everybody 
discovered their common ground.  I can't help but think the planet would 
benefit in huge ways if that happened.

Dori Green
Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living
Corning, NY

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