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I want to hear more about the outcome of this as well.  I sent the
following to
Lucy who posted the story, but I haven't heard anything.  Maybe Lucy could 
update us all?  Thanks.

>I'm on the Market-farming discussion group & read your posting about
>the Stafford Co. Extension agent being fired for speaking out against
>Dennis Avery's piece.  I'd like to respond to Heidi who first
>posted it to your CSA list but there was no e-mail address in the
>message for her. 
>I share anyone's frustrations with their state extension services'
>blind spot re: organic agriculture and the lack of initiative to
>really understand what it's all about.  I have been working with our
>state extension service and definitely have friends within it who have
>helped fund trainings, who understand organic agriculture, and who 
>understand that the rest of their organization is behind the times.
>I can count these individuals on one hand.
>We have an even harder row to hoe--ha!--with our Dept of Agriculture.
>Organic agriculture is a speck of dirt in their soup that they'd like
>to get rid of.  We are neither significant nor interesting to them.
>We don't even rate a blink of the eye.
>Then there's the new Dean of the College of Agriculture, Forestry &
>Consumer Sciences (WVU) who just trashed organic ag to an audience of 500
>at the NE Regional Master Gardener Conference in Wheeling WV early
>October.  Because I wasn't there, I'm trying to get a copy of his
>comments--but they were "off the cuff."  From what I've heard, he
>used the same Dennis Avery/20-20 TV program line....jeesh.  Why
>would a dean of a college of agriculture trash ANY agriculture?
>Anyway,  before I "spread the word" about this VPI incident, I went
>to their web site and tried to confirm that, indeed, everyone named
>is employed by the VA Extension Service.  I found Butterfield, found
>the Northern District, found Stafford County, but couldn't find
>Dennis Bishop's name.  I wonder if, because he has only been there a
>year, if his name hasn't gotten on the web page for Stafford Co Extension
>Service yet.  Anyway, just would like to confirm the story before I
>send it on to friends here. 
>Susan (I also run a 20-share CSA)

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