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Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Tue Nov 14 17:17:01 EST 2000

Extension agents are not paid overtime in Wisconsin either - my husband used
to be one, and I know others that are agents now.  Extension agents here are
paid a salary, which is handy for the University/County/State/Federal
governments that they represent - as they get way more than 40 hours a week
for no extra pay.  And yes, many evenings and a fair amount of weekends.

>Dori wrote:
> >Nice try, guys, but there's a big, big audience you're missing because
> >keep insisting on putting these things out there on weekdays so that
> >extension people don't have to be paid overtime for weekend work.  How
> >giving them a day off during the week and offering something like this on
> >Saturday and Sunday so that the many working farmers can attend?
> Dori:
> I agree with you wholeheartedly.  But as one of those "Extension people"
> that gets regularly lambasted on this list, I can assure you that we often
> work weekends--in fact, more often than not--and we certainly aren't paid
> overtime for our efforts, at least not in Kentucky where I'm an agent.
> Dawn

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