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Victoria M. Bhavsar toria at
Tue Nov 14 15:08:08 EST 2000

Hi everyone,
This is a new topic.   :)

I teach a class here at the Univ. of Kentucky about certified organic
agriculture and I'm askin' for yer help.  What we do is, read case studies
or writeups about working organic farms, then we call the farmers and talk
to them on the phone.  After we talk to the farmers, we go to the
scientific literature and look up papers that are relevant to aspects of
the farms' production practices or systems.  We take some detours into
things like certification laws, marketing, and politics, but mainly I try
to keep focused on actual production.

 This is a very farm-oriented class, where I need farmers to be the real
experts.  So, would any of you be willing to talk to my students on the
phone?  Particularly if any of you are in Kentucky (like Alison!  :))  I'd
really appreciate it if I could send my students out to talk to you in
pairs one day.  I'd prefer to have people who have been doing this for a
little while and have fairly stable operations at this point.  I hope to
expand the class to the point that the students visit a transitioning farm
and create proposals for transition plans, but that's maybe a year away or
so...unless the Good Man Above sees fit to hand us that opportunity on a
silver platter this year.

Thanks very much, I would really appreciate any leads or help you all can
give me.  I think the students are excited about the class and there is a
real teachable moment here to take advantage of.

Victoria M. Bhavsar
Dept. of Agronomy
N106R Ag. Sci. North, UK
Lexington, KY  40546-0091

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