UPDATE! Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

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This email is a genuine email, and I am still subscribed to the list. I 
appreciate everyone's commitment to agriculture, I have been working in food 
and agriculture for well over 20 years.  The Future of Our Food and Farms 
Summit is an attempt to bring food, farming and hunger issues together and 
help create a stronger food system in our region. The goal is to host a 
Summit where we can talk about issues, and hear from many points of view,  
including pro and con on GMO's. We have also invited Rebecca Goldburg from 
Environmental Defense -- she is in the session with Dennis Avery -- she'll 
present her views critical of GMO's.  We really strugged with whether and how 
to deal with the issue of GMO's, and it was a difficult decision for the 
Steering Committee to make, but in the end we decided that we needed to 
create opportunities for the leaders to ably debate each other. We understand 
and respect the concerns of people who may not agree. Thanks for your concern 
and support. Below is the brief description of sessions and the list of 
speakers attending the Summit.  It'll give you an idea of what we are trying 
to achieve. 


Maria van Hekken
Farmers' Market Trust
3760 Manchester Road (home office)
Allentown, PA  18104-2240
610-530-2586 fax
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>UPDATE!  Register for Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

This post was hit-and-run SPAM.

Interesting.  MariavHM at aol.com subscribed long enough to
drop this post in our midst, then unsubscribed. I'll bet that email 
id  is a fake. Their usual tactics.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. 
lflondon at mindspring.com    
london at metalab.unc.edu

1:30 P.M. TO 3 P.M.
An Overview of the US Food System - Come learn about the five major trends 
currently impacting the food industry in this country!

Learn from Women in Agriculture - Learn from women leaders who are fully 
immersed in the issues facing agriculture and actively trying to find 
solutions.  Learn how women are thriving in and bringing new perspectives to 
all parts of agriculture and the food system.

The Supermarket Project: Small Farmers Using Computer Technology and the 
Internet to Cooperatively Market Their Products - Learn about innovative 
strategies to increase direct marketing opportunities for rural community 
cooperatives; including e-commerce, consumer education and labeling; and 
promotion of local produce, specialty vegetables and value-added products.

Youth in Agriculture Symposium - MANRA (Minorities in Agriculture and Natural 
Resources Association) - Learn how to involve youth in team decision-making 
as it relates to agricultural issues.

Environmental Quality Initiative - Learn how decisions you make as a consumer 
affect our natural environment.

3:30 P.M. TO 5:00 P.M.
Farm to School Initiative - Getting Local Produce into Our Schools - Some 
have successfully integrated local produce into their food programs.  
Strategize about adoption of this program for your schools.

Dairy Farming - What’s Up with Milk- Are too many dairy farmers getting out 
of dairy?  Are consumers drinking enough milk?

Marketing Horticultural Foods to Today’s Health Conscious Consumer - Experts 
will describe how health benefits can be used to market herbs and fresh 
fruits and vegetables.

Expanding The WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program To Serve More Farmers, 
Mothers And Children  - Discuss strategies for maximizing participation in 
the WIC farmers market nutrition program.

How to Preserve Farmland and Sustain Farming - Discuss with experts the state 
of open space preservation efforts and how this significant work can help 
sustain farming in the region.

Involving Youth in the Food System - Learn ways to involve youth in the food 
system using hands-on experiences. Youth and adults both will enjoy this 

Minority Entrepreneurs - Innovative minority market opportunities in the food 
system in the Mid-Atlantic region.

5:30 TO 9:00 P.M.
Dinner at Jack McDavid’s - Dinner at the home of renowned chef Jack McDavid, 
proprietor of Down Home Diner and Jack’s Firehouse.


8:30 A.M. TO 10:00 A.M.
Discussing the Role of Genetic Engineering in Plant Food Production - What 
type of regulatory and/or labeling system should be in place to monitor 
genetically engineered organisms?

Inner City Supermarkets: Critical Link in a Just Food System - What does it 
take to establish inner-city supermarkets and successfully maintain them?

Edible Connections - This interactive session will give you the tools to 
change the way your community talks about the local food system.

"From Our Farms": A New Initiative to teach Families about Food, Nutrition, & 
the Farm  - "From Our Farms" takes a unique approach to Community Supported 
Agriculture by collaborating with local farmers...with the purpose of 
promoting local agriculture and good nutrition.

Yes, Virginia, There Really are Gardens in New Jersey! - Learn about the 
variety of produce grown, the strength of marketing efforts, and how Jersey 
Fresh produce reaches consumers from Montreal to Miami.

10:30 A.M. TO 12:00 NOON
Improving Youth Diets - Explore the environment in which youth make their 
food decisions.

Cooperatives: Connecting Producers with Consumers - Learn about cooperative 
structures, steps in organizing, and tips for effective operations.

Marketing Natural Beef - The direct marketing of high quality beef to the 
consumer provides a sustainable method for small and part-time farmers to 
compete for market share and price recovery.

Sustainable Marketing Alternatives for Ethnic Produce in the Mid-Atlantic 
Region - Analyze real cases of diversifying farm enterprises and ethnic 
produce market opportunities and offers some food for thought and a 
networking opportunity for a sustainable future of our food and farms.

Making Connections: Food for Everyone - Join this wide-ranging discussion of 
the many ways connections are created between communities, corporations, and 
consumers to ensure food for everyone.

Community Food Security Initiative - Is your community being "deprived" of 
available federal funds that can support local agriculture while improving 
the diets of low-income adults and children?

    Karen Anderson      NOFA New Jersey
    Troy Bishopp            Bishopp’s Custom Grazing
    Rebecca Bond            Rural Coalition
    Steve Brown         Brown’s Thriftway Markets
    J. Lynne Brown      Penn State University
    Dick Burruss            Agricultural and Community Development Services
    Charles Cathcart        Keystone Development Center
    Everett Chamberlain     Rutgers Cooperative Extension
    JoAnn Connelly      Greater Philadelphia Food Bank
    Isobel Contento     Teachers College, Columbia University
    Chuck Cruickshank       Land O’Lakes
    Mary Cummings       Rutgers Cooperative Extension
    Joanne Denworth     10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
    Father Randy Eldridge       Rural Coalition
    Gerald Ely          Susquehanna County USDA
    Pete Feretti            Penn State University
    Christine Filardo       Produce for Better Health Foundation
    Daisy Garrett           Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
    Carl German         University of Delaware
    Alison Harmon           Penn State University
    Hope Holland            New Jersey Department of Agriculture
    Luanne Hughes       Rutgers Cooperative Extension
    Cindy Javor         Allegheny Cooperative Extension
    Wesley Kline, Ph.D.     Rutgers Cooperative Extension   
    Pam Koch            Teachers College, Columbia University
    Jock Lauterer           Penn State University
    Gail Lennon         Fall River Wild Rice
    Toni Liquori            Community Food Resource Center, NYC
    James Locker            Penn State University
    Cathy Lyons         Penn State University
    Audrey Maretzki     Penn State University
    Mark McGuigan       Greenpace Alliance
    Robert Mickel           Rutgers Cooperative Extension
    Sheila Miller           Pennsylvania Legislator
    Sue Mitchem         PA Hunger Action Center
    Stuart Nunnery          Campaign For Food Literacy
    Richard Poorbaugh       Penn State University
    Peter Pugliese, MD      The Pugliese Group
    Jim Quarella            Bellview Farms
    Ken Regal           Just Harvest
    Dominic Ritardi     New Jersey Department of Agriculture
    Karima Rose         Farmers’ Market Trust
    Lori Sandman            Environmental Quality Initiative
    Patricia Scott          Department of Defense
    Sandy Sherman       Farmers’ Market Trust
    Luis Sierra         Rural Development Center
    Kate Smith          AUS Consultants
    Crystal Smithmeyer      Pennsylvania Council of Cooperatives
    Greg Solt           Penn State Cooperative Extension
    Paula Spilman           Clearfield County Cooperative Extension
    Fran Stallings          Triumph Baptist Church, Philadelphia
    Patrick Temple-West     Archdiocese of Philadelphia
    Stephan Tubene, Ph.D        Maryland Cooperative Extension
    Rick VanVranken     Rutgers Cooperative Extension 
    Karen Wilson            Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
    Lynn Wolf           Penn State Cooperative Extension

PLUS    MANRA Executive Board members, MANRA students from the Philadelphia 
area, and other youth and young adult food system experts

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