market-farming Summit

Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Tue Nov 14 09:03:32 EST 2000

Sounds great.  As usual, however, it's being held on weekdays.  Like many 
other farmers, I need this information and would love to be able to get it.  
I might even be able to force myself to behave like a lady if I accidentally 
end up in the same room with Mr. Avery.  But because I don't have the 
information, I still have to work off-farm jobs to support the farm.  I 
don't have sick or personal time, and already am losing two days of pay for 
"Thanksgiving" so can't take another hit in November.

Nice try, guys, but there's a big, big audience you're missing because you 
keep insisting on putting these things out there on weekdays so that 
extension people don't have to be paid overtime for weekend work.  How about 
giving them a day off during the week and offering something like this on a 
Saturday and Sunday so that the many working farmers can attend?

Dori Green
Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living
Corning, NY

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