UPDATE! Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

R. Harrill brixman at erols.com
Mon Nov 13 19:56:53 EST 2000

It had to be said, Del---thanks a million.  Avery is the worst of the worst.  Anybody
who doesn't understand that should read his "Saving The Planet With Pesticides &

Rex Harrill

Del Williams wrote:

> Does anyone else see this summit as anything more than another vehicle for
> the Hudson Institute, Dennis Avery, the GMO seed companies, and the
> generally anti-organic lobby to bash the production practices of many market
> farmers?  Sustainable agriculture is the last thing on their minds.  I
> highly recommend finding other conferences with more to offer the market
> grower.  And if you are an organic grower don't bother wasting your money or
> time.  These people would like to put you out of business.
> Del Williams
> Farmer in the Del
> Clifton IL
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