Hunting for grape root starts

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    Sorry for not providing sources for the grapes. Let me give you a couple
now. And if you have trouble finding Valiant, substitute Frontenac, a new
cultivar out of Minnesota that is looking good for northern climates. I do
need to warn you that nurseries are being inundated with orders. The wine
grape industry is booming right now all over the Midwest so there are tight
supplies of almost everything.

    Foster Concord Nurseries                    Double A Vineyards
    10175 Mile Block Road                        10275 Christy Road
    N. Collins, NY      14111-9770              Fredonia, NY    14063
    800/223-2211                                        716/672-8493

Bill Shoemaker
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Univ of Illinois - St Charles Hort Research Center

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Subject: Hunting for grape root starts

>Bill Shoemaker earlier in the season gave me some names of grape varieties
>that should work good in my area of market farming, however I have not been
>able to find a source for these plants.  The variety names are Valiant and
>Marachel Foch.  None of my normal sources have any.  Can Someone help me
>a source for these varieties for the midwest area.  Thank You.
>Phil Hackett
>Homeside Farm Market & Greenhouses
>Carson Iowa
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