market-farming digest: November 10, 2000

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Sat Nov 11 11:14:55 EST 2000


There's an old saying about "it's easier to get
forgiveness than permission" and it seemed that's
exactly what you tried to do..

An apology is not acceptable while you continue to trample
over others after the apology. Like that makes everything
OK and no one should hold you accountable or protest?

Your message indicated you KNEW you were SPAMMING
before you hit the send button!

There can be consequences for SPAMMING. If a lot of people
fowarded your post and a SPAM complaint to your ISP at:

you could find yourself the receipient of a hefty bill as many
service providers have a no spam policy and charge upwards of
$500 per violation and disconnect of your service as you did agree

to their service policy prior to getting connected with them.

Additionally clogging up the internet with lines to the Florida
government offices would only serve to get the posts sent
there ignored and further lower internet email credibility to
the level of trash.

I do a lot of communications with my State of Colorado Ag
Department and have had to work quite hard to buuild a
relationship with them so they will respect my emails regarding
agriculture as they get so many immediate gratification emails
like what you are pushing for.

I think you could consider the officials of Florida ARE GOVERNED
BY FLORIDA LAW - not mindless emails from a faceless mob from
out of their state they have NO legal or moral obligation to.

They are doing their job as dictated by the Florida Law and the

They ARE recounting  and don't need millions of emails from
OUT OF STATE PEOPLE to tell them to do what THEY
ARE ALREADY DOING!!!  Don't you watch the news?

Why would you tell the dog to sit when it already is? It's
not even your dog.

They are the focus of the most intense scrutiny since Watergate
and Nixon. Not even during the impeachment investigation and
pursuit  of Clinton has this much firepower been aimed at an
internal USA situation.

(If anything I think we should have a nationwide recount.)


Marc Nameth

> Subject: sorry again
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> Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 15:43:49 -0600
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> My apologies once again, although sounds like some of you won't be =
> accepting them. I edited my e-mail list to try to remove all list-servs =
> and other inappropriate recipients for the re-vote call. I guess I =
> missed some. Please note, I don't assume that you would all agree with =
> me - don't feel you need to tell me you don't. Consider it a wayward =
> e-mail, mistakes do happen.

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