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Betsy ilima at ev1.net
Fri Nov 10 12:55:42 EST 2000

Hi everyone -

my apologies to those of you who would rather not have received this - it's a mass e-mail. 

Here is the body of an e-mail Working Assets is encouraging people to send to the Florida Election Director, to demand a revote for the pres. election. Please, anyone who cares about this issue - personalize the message and send it to Director Roberts. Make sure your dissatisfaction is voiced! The deadline is today.

Betsy Levy

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Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 11:49 AM
Subject: Call for Re-vote

Dear Election Director Roberts: 

                   The integrity of the 2000 presidential election now rests in your hands. Please use the full power
                   of your office to call for a re-vote of the presidential race in Palm Beach County. Governor George
                   W. Bush's ability to govern will be greatly hindered if the presidential race is decided by voting
                   irregularities in Florida. Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush will also be permanently linked in the public mind with
                   an "accidental" win. As a resident of Texas, I am especially concerned that Gov. Bush be assisted 
                   to achieve a victory or defeat with integrity.


                   Betsy Levy
                   Austin, TX 78705
                   ilima at ev1.net
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