Covering Row Cover

Windwalker windwalker at
Tue Jun 27 07:44:48 EDT 2000

Yes that's the number.  I spaced them at each hoop and those are about 6'
apart and I kept the remay taut both across the hoops and along the edges.
I put several at each end since my rows run north/south and I find that the
ends are usually the wind access point.  I just bunched up the remay after
stretching it across the hoops and put the pins through several layers.  I
didn't have a single tear and no flapping remay.  In fact, when I first put
them in, our ground was so hard from lack of moisture this spring that some
wouldn't even go into the ground all the way but they still held well.  I
think one of their better attributes is the flat top which keeps the fabric
against the soil when they are pushed in, plus they have the loop at the top
to pull them out with instead of needing something like pliers.  I've never
used the long wire staples but it seems like they'd be harder to find than
these red "re-pins" and I'm great at losing things in the field, if I lay
them down they become invisible.  Spent fifteen minutes today looking for my
favorite hand weeder and never did find it!!!  But as I said before, I had
no problem finding bricks or rebar with the mower or tiller when I used them
as hold downs.

joan vibert
windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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