Covering Row Cover

Miranda Smith MirandaS at
Mon Jun 26 09:07:38 EDT 2000

Stones (always present in New England) work well. Bricks and old two by
four's if you have enough of them (there mustn't be any gaps) have also
worked for me. The staples didn't work; the material just ripped free and
the trees were festooned with row cover material far above our ability to
get it back down. 

Miranda Smith

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> From: 	Mike Steinberg
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> Subject: 	Covering Row Cover
> We use light weight row cover(Agribon 17) as our primary defense against
> cucumber beetles, flea beetles, and other nasty critters. Our rows are
> 100'
> long and we bury the sides of the row cover. As you can imagine, it is a
> lot of work to cover the sides with dirt, then uncover to harvest, then
> cover and bury again. Anyone have any ideas as to how to hold down the row
> cover without burying it with dirt. Our farm is in Northern a
> pretty
> windy area.
> Thanks for your input.
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
> Sebastopol, CA
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