Melons, keeping the heat up. Comments ?????

Peter Worsley pwors at
Sat Jun 24 20:20:37 EDT 2000

I always use Gro-Therm, which is perforated row cover, on wire hoops for
transplanted melons, squash, and tomatoes, until the plants grow to the
point that leaves touch the top or sides of the tunnel. Condensation at
night will provide some irrigation, but it's best to have drip line
inside the tunnel. The perforations give some ventilation, but the
temperature gain on a sunny day, even if it's windy or cold, is at least
20 degrees. If you're planning on using plastic without perforations,
I'd recommend making 4-inch slits with a knife along the ridge of the
tunnels. These will be pretty much closed during the night, but will
release hot air during the day.  Peter

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