Covering Row Cover

Peter Worsley pwors at
Sat Jun 24 20:12:51 EDT 2000

It's even windier in Point Reyes. I use u-shaped wire staples which I
make myself out of #9 soft garvanized wire. I put a staple every 2 feet
or so, through at least doubled-up material. It's helpful to have pliers
to pull them out, and also to push them in, if the ground is at all
compacted in the paths between the raised beds. You can remove only the
upwind side staples to inspect, harvest, spray, etc. Then re-cover and
re-staple. Use the same holes in the fabric- saves time. I cut salad mix
in small amounts, using only part of a bed, then harvest more later, so
I uncover and re-cover beds frequently.  Peter

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