cshel cshel at
Fri Jun 23 22:56:39 EDT 2000

I have some questions about interns.  This is our first year as a CSA and our intern not
only didn't show up but also didn't (and hasn't) bothered to contact us. So, we are
thinking about next year.  I was wondering if anyone has accepted an intern from another
country.  We have been contacted by someone from Cameroon looking for a place next year.
What is involved if you accept someone from another country?
Has it been successful for you?  Does this require dealing with US Immigration?  Any

I don't suppose we farmers have a place to check that warns us about difficult interns?
:)  Sort of a black list - LOL  I guess I could add a name this year!

Cheri Shelnutt
Sweet Hollow Farm
NE Tennessee

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