direct seeding fall brassicas

Julie M. Willingham farm2gates at
Tue Jun 20 11:16:10 EDT 2000

Hi everybody!

I would like some advice on direct seeding brassicas for a fall crop. The
last time I grew them I transplanted them at 3 weeks old or so. I don't have
time or space to do that this year, so I want to direct seed. I need to do
this by the 10th of July or they won't form heads, but I am reluctant to put
seeds in the ground when it is so hot.

We can usually expect at least 10 days in both July and August to be 100
degrees or so, and at least 20 of each to be over 85. Nights "cool down" to
about 70 degrees. My soil is very sandy with less than 1% organic matter, so
I need to irrigate more often than I like.

Thanks in advance.
The Farm of Two Gates
zone 6b in the low, dry, hot part of Washington

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