robert schuler sunnfarm at
Tue Jun 20 08:26:47 EDT 2000

I don't have any cutworms on my farm I don't know if thats a good sign
or a bad sign but I'll put up with it, I seem to think that cutworms are
more numerous around lawn areas and land thats not been disturbed much
like pasture, plastic debris like yogert containers are ok if you have a
few plants in the garden, and you can even purchase plastic coffee cup
lids in case lots of 5000 but its impracticle on any scale greater than
the garden, just a half acre of greens will have 10000 plants,
pyrethroid pesticides will work well or just the liquid form of
pyrethum, about 2 oz. of diluted material around each transplant,they
work on contact so the worms need not eat the plants first, the Bt
mentioned earlier will not work because it requires the cutworm to
injest it by eating the stems your trying to protect, some folks use
wood ashes around each plant.
Sunny Meadow Farm

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