Methyl Bromide till 2015/

robert schuler sunnfarm at
Sat Jun 17 08:47:26 EDT 2000

Some third world countries including China will be allowed to use MB till 2015 putting USA
growers at a disadvantage, alot of small farms in my area use MB and Vapam fumigants because
they don't have enough land to rotate to.
Eggplant is a big crop around here generating $10-20000 per acre but as you all know eggplant
needs a five year rotation because of verticillum wilt, comparing a fumigated to unfumigated
field is like night and almost day, farmers say its like planting virgin soil.
MB destroys the Ozone Layer thats why its being banned , a natural alternative I herd about
was growing a combination of sunflower and sudangrass as a broadcast seeded cover crop when
incorperated the two plants break down and combine to form a natural fumigant, Im not sure
how valid this is but something worth looking into, if all else fails you will still get a
lot of organic matter out of it.
Very hot and dry on the coast you can spot the farmers because we all are looking up in the
sky for clouds and tripping over things.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

Alex McGregor wrote:

> Jill,
> I know they gas fruit and vegetables to cause "ripening" or turning them red.  I don't
> know what it is.
> A noble cause! (The community kitchen.) And one that strikes a chord in me.  You have my
> appreciation and admiration for taking the time for such work.
> I've been feeling like the direction I've gone with growing food has been wrong.  I grow
> high nutrient, chemical free food for direct sales, but have seen that only those on the
> top of the social system can afford to buy from me.
> I've been trying to come up with a way to get this kind of food (and at least some of
> mine) to the people on the bottom.  We have a Community Kitchen and I've taken them some
> things they don't usually get donated, like salad greens.  What I would like to do is get
> something larger going and get ALL of my production and/or some high quality food from
> others to the Kitchen.
> Could you share your project with us (or at least me)?  I'm looking for ways to make this
> happen and would appreciate any ideas.  Anyone else out there doing something similar?
> (I realize that these are stop gap measures- treating symptoms rather than addressing the
> real source.  This source is economic systems which allow wealth/power/information to be
> concentrated in the hands of the few.  But, people need to eat until the system is
> changed.  I would like to feed some while working towards a system in which we all thrive
> and there is no hoarding.)
> Alex McGregor
> Walden Farm
> Jill Taylor Bussiere wrote:
> > Alex,
> >     I should be outside, but am recovering from spending all day with others
> > getting ready for an open house for a Farm Market Kitchen - a community
> > kitchen project we are trying to make happen.  It would be beautiful weather
> > to be outside, and the strawberries need yet more weeding, so I will after
> > this!
> >
> >     Thank you for your answer - it is very helpful!
> >     What is it that is put on the strawberries to make them turn red, even
> > thought they are green, do you know?
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