Fwd: Cincinnati Grower & Chef Hotline

Adriana Gutierrez gutierrez-lagatta at home.com
Fri Jun 16 18:05:55 EDT 2000

> >  I thought you (and the other growers in the area) may be interested to
> know 
> >  about the recent accomplishments of Cincinnati Chef's Collaborative.
> They 
> >  started a Greater Cinti Grower & Chef Hotline where growers list each
> week 
> >  what they can offer local chefs and where chefs can say what they need.

The Chefs Collaborative has a web site at http://www.chefnet.com/cc2000
It has message boards, unfortunately there is minimal activity on them.  
For a group with 1,500 members around the country I find this surprising.  
The site doesn't say where they have local chapters either, which would 
make a difference to small producers trying to decide whether to ante up 
the membership money or not.  If anybody is a member, can you tell us if 
you think it is worth it?  I think they produce a periodic newsletter.

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