Grits & harvester ants

Ava Devenport essenheal at
Fri Jun 16 17:21:26 EDT 2000

On 06/16/00, ""Karen Phillips" <kphillips at>" wrote:
> Does anyone know where I might go online to get more ant information?
> Some kind of "ask an entomologist" type thing? 


Have you tried contacting your local extion office, our extention agent 
here is an entomologist who primarily deals with ag. pests.  They should be 
able to direct you to the correct person, if nothing more.

> In the long run, I'm not necessarily out to kill the ants, just get them to > stay on their side of the fence!

Have you considered laying down a line of Cayenne pepper?  That works very 
well here, as does Louisiana Hot Sauce.  They haven't crossed the line yet 
and I've noticed rabbits, cats, etc. are not very fond of the spice 


> Karen Phillips
> Buckeye Farms

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