Grits & harvester ants

Karen Phillips kphillips at
Fri Jun 16 00:19:25 EDT 2000

Thanks for the suggestions about grits & harvester ants.  I had heard
about that years ago, but had completely forgotten about it.  I'm
going out in the morning to buy a box!

Does anyone know where I might go online to get more ant information?
Some kind of "ask an entomologist" type thing?  With any other
pest-control problem I've had, I've relied on learning about the
insects life cycle to help me figure out a way to correct the problem,
but I haven't been very successful finding out about ant biology.  As
long as I'm at this, I might as well learn something...  In the long
run, I'm not necessarily out to kill the ants, just get them to stay
on their side of the fence!

Thanks again,

Karen Phillips
Buckeye Farms

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