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Thu Jun 15 17:52:52 EDT 2000

-I recieved this from one of my CSA members. This is of interest to all SW
OH, SE IN and N KY growers. A lot of good resturants in Cincy, possibly
great markets there. 
>  Eugene & Lucy:
>  I thought you (and the other growers in the area) may be interested to
>  about the recent accomplishments of Cincinnati Chef's Collaborative. 
>  started a Greater Cinti Grower & Chef Hotline where growers list each
>  what they can offer local chefs and where chefs can say what they need. 
>   The list is faxed out to chefs and growers weekly, and there is a number

>  anyone can call to hear what's out there.
>  The hotline number is 513-557-2197.  The contact person is Maggie Green
>  Green Apron Company, 859-344-8403.  I could happily fax you a copy of
>  week's listing if you wanted to see it, or you can call to hear it.
>  It looks like the growers are listing those items that they think chefs 
>  would be most interested in; things this week included goat cheese,
>  salad mix (we know you've got that!), herbs, buffalo meat, beef, etc.
>  Chef's Collaborative and the Civic Garden Ctr (of Cinti) had a big 
>  fundraiser on Monday nite at J's Seafood Rest in CInti.  Local chefs
>  well-known ones) paired up with growers and winemakers to create meals. 
>   There were about 175 people attending, each at $75 a head.  There were 
>  about 10 chefs and 15 or so growers; each grower was able to set up a 
>  display to advertise their products.
>  I know it's a bit of a drive, but I bet you guys or other OEFFA members 
>  might really like to get hooked into this.
>  FYI...
>  Heather Summerville

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