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Thu Jun 15 16:42:58 EDT 2000

>I know they gas fruit and vegetables to cause "ripening" or turning them
red.  I don't
>know what it is.

>>     Thank you for your answer - it is very helpful!
>>     What is it that is put on the strawberries to make them turn red,
>> thought they are green, do you know?

Ehtylene is used to ripen certain fruits, such as bananas and tomatoes. It
is naturally produced by apples and many other fruits. That's why consumers
are warned not to package apples and bananas together. The bananas will
respond to the ethylene from the apples by over-ripening rapidly.

I don't believe the strawberry industry uses ethylene because it's
unnecessary. The berries aren't picked until they begin ripening. The
artificial dose of ethylene isn't needed to finish ripening them.

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