Gibberellic Acid Uses

Charlie Shultz aquaponics at
Thu Jun 15 11:50:38 EDT 2000


As the thread of seed germination problems came across my desk, I waited for 
someone to mention the use of Gibberellic Acid.  I have very little 
experience with this plant hormone, but understand that it can be used for a 
variety of purposes depending on the concentration used.  For example, a 
reference I have indicates:

50ppm   - Early flowering
200ppm  - Early flowering
800ppm  - Blossom set
2000ppm - Seed germination
1%paste - Growth promoter

Another reference I have discusses delaying senescence of citrus with G.A.

Does anyone on the list use Gibberellic Acid on their farms?  If so, what 
have your experiences been?

Thanks in advance,
Charlie Shultz
Water Quality Analyst
UVI - Tilapia and Aquaponics
St. Croix, USVI

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