new farmer needs info on mulching between rows

Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Wed Jun 14 23:58:34 EDT 2000

Hi!  We're in the same boat.  Weeds are extremely healthy here.  I guess
that's a good sign.  I am putting lawn clippings after they've dried out
between rows along with the leaves that I collected in town last fall.
Also straw that the chickens have thoroughly scratched through and eaten
all the seeds.  Hope this helps.

Marie in Missouri

>am new to organinc farming & i need suggestions or reference to previous 
>discussions on cover crops or mulching between rows to eliminate or reduce 
>weeds.  Garden  is up and weeds just beginning to appear.  many thanks 
>susan shaw
>morning glory farm
>208 roper rd
>canton ga  30115
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