Parsley problems

Sue Oberle soberle at
Wed Jun 14 23:20:11 EDT 2000

I'm stuped & hoping someone can help me out on this. My problem is curly
parsley; & technically, there are two problems: stem length & a
discoloration at the leaf tips.

Everything starts out OK, but as the season progresses, stem length
becomes shorter - so short that it's hard to bunch. Leaf tip margins are
a reddish/tan.

I've fertilized, increased water & am sure the plants haven't been
vernalized. This is only happening w/ the curled varieties, the Italian
flat leaf is OK. This is the 3rd year! I'm in Colorado, pH about 6.5.

Serious gratitude for any help!


Sue Oberle
Oberle Botanical
Fort Collins, Colorado
eMail: soberle at

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