'Why Organic Food is Better for you' article

Ava Devenport essenheal at iname.com
Wed Jun 14 15:57:16 EDT 2000

On 06/14/00, "ripley at iglou.com (Dawn M. Ripley)" wrote:
> Thanks, Ava, for the article.  Could you post attribution references?  (Is
> this your work and where was it published?  Or is this something the
> producer you mentioned wrote up just to be included with the deliveries?)
> Thanks,
> Dawn
Dawn, this is actually a combination effort.  The nuns at the Healing Arts 
Center dug up some of the facts through various public documents regarding 
chemicals, etc., Tony added information regarding organic production, etc., 
I added a few bits and pieces and put it all together in a 'working order'. 
 We didn't publish it anywhere, just handed it out with deliveries, tacked 
it to public bulletin boards with ordering information (who to contact, 
phone/fax #'s, etc.), kept copies of it in a 'free information' area of the 
clinic along with other hand-outs that were pertinent to 'just about 
anything'.  I also have it on our "INSIGHTS" page on the web and it's free 
to use by anyone who chooses.  It's always been more important to us to 
share the information freely than to be concerned with 'who gets credit for 
what'.  I hope this answers your question, but if not ask me again.


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