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One caution regarding the use of cold water for produce picked hot: the
difference in temperature can drive contaminants (if present) literally into
the cells of the produce. If memory serves, the temp difference should be
kept relatively low, say 20 degrees to avoid this. How much concern is this?
I frankly do not know, only that it was reported to some farmers in the NE
US by an ag researcher.

We have found that rinsing our salad mix helps keep it hydrated, and we
store it from picking in the morning until late pickup in a freezer (not
operational) which we have buried in the back of our barn (as a sort of root
cellar). It is quite cool and very humid in there. If the produce does get a
bit limp, it readily rehydrates when the member gets it home and
rinses/refrigerates. Our restaurant member raves on the produce's ability to
re-hydrate even if a bag of salad greens doesn't get into their walk-in as
soon as it should.

Jim and Jo
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> Right out of the water to get the field heat out....and
> drained well will do the most good....
> If it looks a bit dehydrated and has not been cooked by the
> temp water hydrates as it is more easily absorbed by the leaf....cold
> and ice water will crisp it up.......drain really well ...
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