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This is a big list of questions! I heartily recommend Elizabeth Henderson's
book "Sharing the Harvest" which is a guide to CSA that covers lots of
topics and shows different options on many of them. Easily available Chelsea
Green publication. Each of the questions below would make a nice topic for
conversation of the CSA list--so as not to "bore" our fellow farmers on this
list :>).

Jim and Jo
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> Dear listmembers:
> I am seriously considering going strictly CSA next year and would
> appreciate the advice and opinions of all those that are involved in CSA's
> now or have been in the past.  Both pro and con options.
> I have some ideas of how to go about it but I'd like the input of those
> that have 'hands-on' experience, rather than just using the USDA & AMS
> guidelines and principals.
> How did you determine when/what/how to cultivate for each member, did they
> choose their product and how did each of you determine membership
> dues/fees/pricing?  Did you deliver, did they pick up?  How did you go
> about getting CSA members and would you do anything differently now?
> I would consider your input invaluable as a decision making process.
> Thanks in advance!
> Blessings,
> Ava
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