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                   Making A Healthy Choice: Organic Foods

Major changes in farming methods have occurred since World War II. In order 
to sustain the U.S. growing population and produce food for the foreign 
market, farmers began growing several crops per year on the same soil. This 
exhausted the soil of it's nutrients. The topsoil of most of the nations 
farmland is no longer fertile; the soil lacks the vitamins and minerals 
absorbed by plants as they grow. Therefore, foods today do not contain the 
nutrients they did 75 years ago. According to a U.S. Senate report, "foods 
now being grown on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough 
of certain minerals are starving us no matter how much of them we eat. No 
man today can eat enough fruit and vegetables to supply his system with the 
minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn't big enough 
to hold them."

As well as depleting our foods, these unhealthy farming methods weakened 
crops, leaving them fragile and prone to disease and infestation. This 
created the need to "protect" them with even more chemicals. Commercial 
produce you see in the grocery store has been treated with chemical and soil 
treatments, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides,
herbicides, gases and waxes. Besides bad tasting residues left by chemicals 
used by commercial growers, commercial produce is picked before it is ready. 
It's not ripe. The flavors have not had a chance to develop. So produce has 
to be gassed to appear ripe. The gassing retards mold and fungus growth, 
giving a longer shelf life. So tomatoes appear ripe, but do not taste ripe. 
These practices kill our soil and damage the ecology.

Likewise, in order to meet the domestic and foreign demand for dairy 
products and meats, farmers have been using chemicals to enhance production. 
Meat and dairy farmers use synthetic paraciticides, antibiotics, hormones 
and growth regulators to help chickens and cattle grow more quickly and for 
chickens and cows to produce more eggs and milk
than they would naturally.

Did You Know?

· More than 2.6 billion pounds of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are 
applied to US agricultural products each year, and 496 pesticides that may 
leave residues.
· Many pesticides now in use were granted in before safety tests were 
required to determine whether the pesticide causes cancer, birth defects, 
genetic damage, or reproductive disorders.
· Sixty-four percent of pesticides now in use have not been minimally tested 
for their toxic effects.
· Modern farming methods have depleted the soil of its natural nutrients.
· Artificial fertilizers replace only 4-8 of the 70 natural vitamins and 
minerals in fertile soil.

Did You Know?

· Organically grown vegetables are grown and raised without synthetic 
fertilizers, pesticides, artificial ripening processes, growth stimulators 
or regulators,	antibiotics or other drugs.
· Organically grown vegetables are processed, packaged, transported, and 
stored without the use of chemicals and food irradiation.
· Organic growers maintain a program of sustainable agriculture, including 
reintroducing organic matter back into the soil and rotating crops.

Take a big step toward health. You are what you eat, eat certified organic 

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