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> > Saw this on CBS a few minutes ago:
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> > Planet Organics
> Interesting web page, but they do not state what their delivery area is are
> they local or a chain?  There is also no mention of where the food comes
> from anonymous, albeit organic, food.  Beth

Dear Beth:

I took a gander at the site also and noticed the same regarding location.  
I clicked on 'Contact' and the address is stated there, they are in CA.

Just a few years ago, I had found just such a delivery system here in IN.  
An organic farmer from the outlying Chicago (approx. 150 miles from us)area 
had begun a delivery program and we signed up.  Tony used to deliver 
bi-weekly to my office (Thursday), an average of 35 lbs of various 
fruit/veg, you got what he had.  He then added produce from other area 
farmers (organic) within his area.  After a few months dairy was available 
then his wife, Deb, started a co-op of dried herbs/fruit/veg, personal care 
products, etc.  By the end of a year, they had added fresh squeezed juices 
(it was done in the am before he loaded the truck), organic 
beef,pork,chicken and fish, pre-washed/cut/packaged soup bags (all the 
ingredients were there including spices, just throw it in a pot and turn on 
the heat), then they added smaller bags of just fruits/just veg/or a combo 
for those that had smaller needs or preferences.  They put out a catalogue 
so that you could add any additional items you wanted to your box or bag 
and you had to call them the Monday prior to delivery if you had any 
additions/deletions from your 'standing' order.  All the product was 
labelled or had a sticker on it stating it was certified and where it came 

Payment arrangements consisted of:  you received a bill in your order, you 
could pay on delivery, mail a check, but if they didn't receive payment 
within 3 days, they billed your credit card directly.  When you signed up 
for the initial delivery, they had a contract that you signed and 
faxed/mailed back to them and they took your credit card info over the 
phone.  Tony said once they put the credit card arrangement into place, 
they never got stiffed again.

When my patients began to notice that I was having boxes of fresh fruit/veg 
delivered to my office, many of them signed up also.  I had Tony drop all 
of the orders at my office and my patients picked them up there.  It became 
such a large delivery area for Tony that he incorporated local help.  In 
our area, 2 women had an empty garage, Tony would drop all the orders there 
and they loaded their van and made the deliveries in a 35 mile radius.  
They received 10% commission on all the orders they delivered, plus they 
signed up additional people in their delivery areas.  It got to be quite a 
large business for all concerned, and lucrative.  I think I still have some 
of the information around here somewhere regarding the contract, prices and 
a very nice explanation of "WHY ORGANIC FOODS ARE BETTER", I can look for 
it and send the info off to you if you're interested.  They charged no tax, 
because it was a food item, on personal care products there was no tax 
because it was out-of-state, I'm not sure how he handled his deliveries in 
Illinois, unless he just didn't do delivery there, but he did charge a 
nominal delivery fee of $3.50 to cover mileage, etc.


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