Pond Weed as Mulch?

Bina Carey binac at vicon.net
Sun Jun 11 13:27:52 EDT 2000

We have a pond on our farm which is quickly growing a great crop of 
algae- seaweed.   Looks like green wool when dried and I'd like to 
possibly add it either to the compost pile or use it directly aroung 
vegetables a s mulch?   This is our first year as a CSA and I'd like to 
find reasonable mulch material for my acre of vegetables.  Would I need 
to worry about heavy metals or other things?    It is a healthy pond, 
with frogs, dragonflies, cattails etc.
Any information on using this stuff in either the garden or the compost 
would be appreciated.

Sabine Carey

Full Circle Farms
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