Epsom Salts

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Years ago when we had a problem with tomatoes and peppers not blooming we
asked a local soil scientist. He suggested a teaspoon of Epsom salt
scattered around each stem. They started right up. Now we watch for signs of
poor blossom set and use a little Epsom salt if we detect it.

Jim and Jo
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> (snip)      What are Epsom Salts  made of, and is their use within the
> guidelines
> of the organic  standards?                Jill
> Jill, when I was a kid, our old neighbor would put epsom salts on his
> tomato plants.  I don't know if he just mixed it into the soil around
> made a spray or what, but he always had fantastic tomatoes.
> My brother-in-law mixes 1 cup pickling lime to two gallons water and
> the garden for bugs.  He says it keeps worms out of the ears of corn if
> spray just as the tassles are forming (I THINK that's what he said - I can
> double check if anyone is interested).  My sister adds a beaten egg to
> formula and she says it repels deer.
> Marie in Missouri
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