Epsom Salts

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Sat Jun 10 22:01:21 EDT 2000

(snip)      What are Epsom Salts  made of, and is their use within the
of the organic  standards?                Jill 

Jill, when I was a kid, our old neighbor would put epsom salts on his
tomato plants.  I don't know if he just mixed it into the soil around them,
made a spray or what, but he always had fantastic tomatoes.

My brother-in-law mixes 1 cup pickling lime to two gallons water and sprays
the garden for bugs.  He says it keeps worms out of the ears of corn if you
spray just as the tassles are forming (I THINK that's what he said - I can
double check if anyone is interested).  My sister adds a beaten egg to that
formula and she says it repels deer.

Marie in Missouri

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