Epsom Salts

Hugh Lovel uai at alltel.net
Sat Jun 10 21:36:30 EDT 2000

>    I was at market yesterday - the first one of the  year for us!, and
>was talking to a sister vendor.  I asked what she used to  keep her
>radishes bug free, and she said Epsom Salts.  What are Epsom Salts  made
>of, and is their use within the guidelines of the organic  standards?  
>                 Jill

Dear Jill,

Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. I think it depends on your organic
guidelines whether these are within or not. This IS a salt of magnesia, but
in terms of the way plants use things this is the best, most usable form
for magnesium to be applied as a salt. Sulfates are always a big help as
the plant is vitalized by sulfates--unlike chlorides, which are
sterilizers. Thus sulfate of magnesisusm and potash (sulpomag) is sda very
handy form to kick start plants for both magnesium and potassium. Rudolf
Steiner recommended this one in terms of getting started in the right
direction. Some certification programs however are dacross the board NO
salts and no distinction between beneficial and detrimental forms. What can
I tell you? Epsom salts are obtainable in 50 lb. sacks at not too
unreasonable prices. On a small scale it's worth a try.

Hugh Lovel

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