Epsom Salts

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Thanks, Alex!  A most thorough reply!  

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  Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate- more exactly, magnesium sulfate pentahydrate.  It contains both Magnesium and Sulfur. 

  As for organic certification- some certifiers list it as "Restricted" and, if so, can only be used if a deficiency of Magnesium is determined by a soil test. 

  Using any mineral indiscriminately can lead to a build up of that mineral in the soil.  This can mean a mineral imbalance in the soil and some micronutrients can build up to a toxic (for plants) level.  The calcium/magnesium balance in the soil is an important one. 

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  Jill Taylor Bussiere wrote: 

    I was at market yesterday - the first one of the year for us!, and was talking to a sister vendor.  I asked what she used to keep her radishes bug free, and she said Epsom Salts.  What are Epsom Salts made of, and is their use within the guidelines of the organic standards?                 Jill
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