Hugh Lovel uai at alltel.net
Tue Jun 6 14:21:41 EDT 2000

>> There ARE different varieties--quite a lot. I think mine are about 90 days
>> from planting to harvest, and since we have our frost about mid October up
>> in Blairsville, or mid to late November in Atlanta you can count backwards
>> from there. Soybeans--unlike corn--do well in the late season.
>It sounds like you can do your last seeding as late as August.  A couple
>more questions:
>1.  Can you start planting as early as March or when any danger of frost
>is over?
>2.  Do you seed continuously for regular harvests over the course of the
>growing season?
>3.  Do the plants need any support or trellising?
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1.  Yes.
2.  Yes.
3.  No.


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