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Good Morning All!
Here's the latest on the competitive grant program.

>From: owner-ifafs-pubs at reeusda.gov
>Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 14:05:41 -0400

>Status Report--Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems
>The final deadline
>for submitting proposals has passed, and it seems appropriate at this time
>to provide a status report and share our future plans.
>   Although it is possible that we will still receive a few packages that
>have been temporarily lost in the mail, we are pleased to report  that more
>than 1000 proposals have been entered into our records system and are now 
>the  process of being sent to reviewers around the country.  Each proposal
>will be in the hands of four reviewers during the month of June.  Beginning
>July 10, review panels for the various programs will meet in Washington, 
>with the last set of panels completing their work on July 28.
>   After all reviews have been completed, and the panels recommendations 
>available, the overall process will be reviewed to insure that all
>requirements as to balance between consortia and standard grants, and 
>to small institutions have been met.  At that time, final allocations of
>funds will be made to sub-programs, and initial budget discussions will
>begin with those whose grants have been recommended for funding.  Our goal
>is to complete the process in early to mid- August, and awards  to be made
>by mid- September.
>    As many of you know, Congress continues to discuss funding for IFAFS 
>this and next fiscal year.  Like those of you who submitted proposals, we
>are moving forward with the program, although final determination of 
>is not yet made.  Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

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