Adriana Gutierrez & Dennis LaGatta gutierrez-lagatta at home.com
Tue Jun 6 05:28:37 EDT 2000

> There ARE different varieties--quite a lot. I think mine are about 90 days
> from planting to harvest, and since we have our frost about mid October up
> in Blairsville, or mid to late November in Atlanta you can count backwards
> from there. Soybeans--unlike corn--do well in the late season.
It sounds like you can do your last seeding as late as August.  A couple
more questions:
1.  Can you start planting as early as March or when any danger of frost
is over? 
2.  Do you seed continuously for regular harvests over the course of the
growing season?
3.  Do the plants need any support or trellising?

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