Seed germanation helper?????

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>In my part of the country we can seed parsley till mid July on raised
>beds, 12-15" rows seed 1/4" deep, maintaining moisture is the key and
>keeping soil temps below 70*, mini sprinklers work well for germinating
>in beds, I use NAAN 5022 plastic sprinklers, they cost $5 each and mount
>into 1/2" thread risers,the small 14 or 20 series Rainbirds work too,

Where can you buy this equipment?  Web, mail order, etc.?

>they put out a very light amount of water that does not harm seedlings
>or splash mud, make sure your seed is fresh not more than a year old
>always chech with your seed company about this, 
>T22 drenched on beds will insure a better stand and give quicker

What is T22?
>Sunny Meadow Farm
>Bridgeton, NJ...
>Tom wrote:
>> Hi everyone,,,,,,,BUSY  AS BEES IN A FEILD OF BUCKWHEAT!!!!!!!
>> I remeber a solution to help seed germanate better and faster, I think it
>> was tea,, but how strong  and are there others, I have customers that want
>> parsley  and I'm all out, want to  start some more in my new raised beds.
>> Any ideas would be helpful.
>> Tom in NE Ohio
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