Seed germanation helper?????

Miranda Smith MirandaS at
Mon Jun 5 12:49:00 EDT 2000

I know a trick for parsley--the seeds are coated with a chemical that
inhibits germination until it is washed off. (Similar to Lamb's quarters in
that way.) Anyway, you can speed things up by soaking the parsley seeds for
a day and then putting them in a sieve--set the sieve over a glass near a
sink. Every time you pass it, run some cool water over the seeds, the more
the better. At night, put the seeds in a closed jar with a couple of wet
cotton balls to keep them from drying out. A couple of days of this
treatment and they'll germinate in four or five days.


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> Nicking the seeds, then soaking helps.  I've not heard
> of a solution to improve germination, though I use a
> seaweed extract in which to soak hard seeds (from
> Johnny's).  I do the parsley for 12 hours.  It's still
> an iffy thing if they will sprout.  I've had better
> results planting all my parsley in the fall for the
> following year's harvest.  This may also just be
> climate/microclimate/soil related thing.
> Liz Pike
> Morningstar Gardens
> Pollocksville NC
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