soy to my world

Allan Balliett igg at
Sat Jun 3 13:41:19 EDT 2000

What about innoculant, Hugh?

I get so much contradicting info about innoculating legumes. What 
I've hear most recently is: you don't really need to innoculate if 
innoculant has EVER been used in your field. I also hear that you 
probably don't every need to innoculate anyway, but better safe than 
sorry. And, I've heard that innoclant does not need to be applied to 
'each' bean but c.b. simply powered in small quantities into the soil 
anywhere near where it is needed.

(No, I don't have time or patience to test these ideas. l-)

I have to admit, I've quit innoculating and I'm still finding nodules 
on the roots of my legumes if I pull them.

However, I haven't put my butterbeans in this year and I was thinking 
how I had never innoculated with specific soy innoculant and  of the 
huge bags of innoculant Southerh States sells for Soy Beans only. 
(They don't have a garden sized innoculant, only a by the bushel size)

So, Hugh, do you use soy innoculant when you sow your soy?


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