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Hook Family guldann at
Sat Jun 3 10:26:27 EDT 2000

 I'm a bit behind in discovering edame so all this info has been most
helpful.  One of my CSA members requested I try to grow them she even bribed
me with some frozen edame I was impressed with the taste so I purchased
enough seeds for probably one 100ft. row.  I have read that you harvest the
entire plant I have also read where you can harvest one at a time like
string beans I guess from the info on this list the entire plant. I found
the info about cooking for 8min most helpful, the frozen ones are cooked for
5min but of course they have been blanched before freezing, so I wondered
about cooking fresh ones. Hugh your post was welcome smile in light of some
of the posts of late.  Good farming  Beth

We've been eating edame here since the early 80's. Hot butterbeans,
> coarse sea salt, good beer, and a well made movie on the tube. Now
> that's country living!! :-)
> Later
> -Allan Balliett
> Claymont Farm
> Charles Town, WV
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