soy to my world

Allan Balliett igg at
Sat Jun 3 08:05:22 EDT 2000

>The spent vines go to the cows or pigs
>and the beans to market at $5/lb.

Hugh - You can also strip the leaves from the twigs, but leave the 
beans on the twigs. These bring even more money as 'beans on a 
stick.' They are boiled, plant and all and served still on the 
branches they grew on. Gourmet eaters eagerly pluck them off and pop 
them in.

We've been eating edame here since the early 80's. Hot butterbeans, 
coarse sea salt, good beer, and a well made movie on the tube. Now 
that's country living!! :-)


-Allan Balliett
Claymont Farm
Charles Town, WV

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