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The interest in vegetable soy beans seems to have caught on this year all over. I have
seen one response to your question maintaining that vegetable soybeans are the same as
dried soybeans used for cattle feed and processing. These grain soybeans and the vegetable
or Japanese edamame  soybeans are different. The true vegetable soybean has lower trypsin
levels, fewer oligosaccharides and more vitamins than the processing types. These factors
make the bean much sweeter without the bitter aftertaste that can be found in other

Unfortunately because of the demand many of the best varieties have been sold out for a
month or so. Most of the best varieties come from Japan although breeders for the US
Soybean Institute have released some edamame types in the form of germplasm and the USDA
recently released a mass germplasm that we are working with. If you are interested in
trialing some I would be interested in there performance in the deep south. Let me know.
Joel @ Territorial Seed

A W Smiley wrote:

> The edible soy bean is starting to gain a following in the Deep South (some
> things take longer to filter down this way).  Can someone suggest a good
> heat (and drought!) resistant variety of edible/vegetable soy bean and a
> source for seed?  I work in South Louisiana where we think globally and eat
> locally, but the weather has been dry for the past three years and the
> French has been sloppy for 200.
> thanks e' merci.
> AWSmiley in Red Stick
> (c'est en Baton Rouge, mon cher')
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